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What is the different between logistic (without 's') and logistics (with 's')?
can I say logistic company or logistics company?
logistic services or logistics service?

Interesting question. The plural form, "logistics", is the industry-accepted term for the field having to do with the procurement, supply and movement of materials. When used as an adjective, I have seen "logistics", "logistic", and "logistical" used interchangeably. However, according to the dictionary, only "logistic" and "logistical" are adjectives, while "logistics" is a noun. That being said, having worked in the field of logistics for over 10 years, it is my opinion that the term "logistics" can be comfortably used as both a noun and an adjective. For example:

  • He works in the field of logistics. (noun)
  • He works for a logistics company. (adj) 


  • CEP: Courier Express Parcel 
  • RTV: Real Time Visibility 
  • TEA: Tracking Events Analysis  
  • ADR: Automatic Delays Refund
  • FTL: Full Truck Load
  • LTL: Less than Truck Load
  • FCL: Full Container Load
  • LCL: Less than Container Load
  • WH: Warehousing