Sea Freight News

October 14th 2022 Fire-struck boxship sinks in the Red Sea
October 14th 2022 I blank sailing aumentano ma non salvano dal crollo i noli container
October 14th 2022 Al via la nuova linea container di Kalypso da Italia e Spagna verso New York
October 14th 2022 Shippers eye Index Linked Container Contracts to obtain better ocean freight rates value
October 14th 2022 Upcoming renegotiations of Asia-Europe contract rates to signal freight rates trends, said HSBC
October 13th 2022 Xeneta: Spot Container Shipping Market in Dire Straits
October 13th 2022 Sea-Intelligence sees high container capacity reductions
October 10th 2022 Xeneta Customers Say: 76% of Xeneta Customers Want to Procure Freight Using Index-Linked Container Contracts
October 10th 2022 Shipping traffic halted following Crimea bridge attack
October 10th 2022 Where’s the floor for container shipping?
October 10th 2022 Rischio di carenza di portacontainer nel Mediterraneo
October 10th 2022 Dramatic cuts to services as lines battle to hang onto 'super-cycle' profits
October 10th 2022 Spot rate carnage could result in more ships laid up, 'with worse to come'
October 7th 2022 I noli container Cina – Italia sprofondano sotto i 5.000 dollari
October 7th 2022 Spot rates collapse continues, as prices fall two thirds since May on main Far East to US West Coast corridor
October 7th 2022 MABUX reports upward trend in bunker indices
October 7th 2022 Dalla Cina all’Italia (via Turchia) una nuova linea container di Akkon
October 7th 2022 Rising costs push up breakeven bar for shipping lines as demand slumps
October 7th 2022 Mediterranean markets face ‘potential feeder containership shortage’
October 6th 2022 Sea-Intelligence reports 50% of congestion has been resolved
October 6th 2022 Dramatic cuts to services as lines battle to hang onto 'super-cycle' profits
October 5th 2022 Spectre of structural overcapacity looms large over liners
October 5th 2022 Arriva anche in Italia una nuova linea container di Akkon dall’Asia via Turchia
October 4th 2022 Primi segnali di calo dei contratti di trasporto container (-1,1% a settembre)
October 4th 2022 Maersk rallenterà le navi per contenere i costi di carburante
October 4th 2022 Balzo in alto per la puntualità delle portacontainer (46,2%) ad agosto
October 4th 2022 CMA CGM launches new early container return incentive programme
October 4th 2022 GSBN, Hapag-Lloyd complete shipping data sharing pilot
October 4th 2022 Contaminated fish seems to cause food poisoning tragedy on Cosco bulker
October 4th 2022 Dopo l’inflazione sarà recessione? I segnali negativi arrivano dal mondo delle navi
October 4th 2022 Il ‘boom’ dello shipping (di container) è finito secondo Bloomberg

September 30th 2022
Slump in spot rates to continue
September 30th 2022 Contratti di trasporto via mare di container: i 4 fattori da considerare per i rinnovi 2023

September 29th 2022 2M Alliance suspends Sequoia/TP3 service due to US West Coast reduced demand
September 29th 2022 Intra-Asia ocean freight rates on the slide, but still stronger than long-haul lanes
September 28th 2022 Maersk remains the only investment-grade credit in the container shipping space
September 28th 2022 Rincari sui noli reefer di Cma Cgm verso il West Africa anche dall’Italia
September 28th 2022 Kalypso Compagnia di Navigazione mette la prua sugli Stati Uniti
September 27th 2022 Shippers now have the edge when it comes to contract renewal, says Drewry
September 27th 2022 Four priorities to consider for successful 2023 ocean bids
September 27th 2022 World Container Index sinks to January 2021 levels, at 21-month low
September 26th 2022 Congestion, a big piece of the supply and demand puzzle
September 26th 2022 Demand, capacity and spot rates slump on key Far East to US West Coast corridor
September 26th 2022 MSC adds port of Jeddah call to Himalaya Express service
September 26th 2022 Another week of tumbling spot rates – here come the 'carrot danglers'
September 26th 2022 Peak season fails to materialise, blank sailings leap
September 22nd 2022 Nuovo crollo dei noli container Cina – Italia: -13% nell’ultima settimana
September 22nd 2022 Fall in container spot rates ‘much steeper,’ ‘less orderly’ than expected
September 22nd 2022 Yang Ming adds new 11,000 TEU container vessel
September 22nd 2022 Wan Hai says it may be open to reducing shipping contract rates, 'short-term'
September 22nd 2022 Shipping: liners swimming in money but supply chains sinking
September 20th 2022 Liverpool dockers begin two-week strike after rejecting 'generous' pay offer
September 20th 2022 Strikes in Felixstowe and Liverpool a double whammy to UK’s overstressed Supply Chain
September 19th 2022 Suez Canal authority to raise transit fees by 15% in 2023 – chairman
September 19th 2022 ‘Hard landing’ forecast for container freight rates
September 19th 2022 Shanghai and Ningbo ports brace for typhoon Muifa
September 19th 2022 Major container lines make history with US$41.6 billion earnings in 2022 Q2
September 19th 2022 Market report: “Container shipping market turns a corner … in lockstep?”
September 16th 2022 Hapag-Lloyd rileva il 49% del Gruppo Spinelli
September 16th 2022 Non si ferma il calo dei noli container: -7% per quelli Cina – Italia
September 16th 2022 Container shipping market turns a corner … in lockstep?
September 16th 2022 Tregua già finita, nel porto di Livorno riparte lo sciopero
September 14th 2022 Nuova nave ro-ro in servizio tra Genova e la Libia
September 14th 2022 Xeneta Raises $80 Million led by Apax Digital
September 13th 2022 Supply chains show slow progress toward e-document transition
September 13th 2022 Typhoon Muifa to shut China ports for second time in 10 days
September 13th 2022 Container market has started on the path to “normalisation”
September 13th 2022 Container vuoti: ora si rischia l’eccedenza nei porti Usa e in Europa
September 13th 2022 Shipping rates plunge as experts say ‘unprecedented’ boom has peaked
September 12th 2022 Turkish roro fired on by Greek coastguard
September 12th 2022 5 challenges facing global supply chains
September 12th 2022 Genova conquista due nuove linee container: una di Cma Cgm e l’altra di Allseas Shipping
September 12th 2022 Shipping lines and container owners in the US struggle to return empty containers to China
September 12th 2022 CMA CGM starts new MEDGULF service to connect West Med with US Gulf and Mexico
September 9th 2022 Xeneta questions ‘myths’ of heavily declining container volumes and bunker price unrest
September 9th 2022 Ai blocchi di partenza una nuova linea container tra Italia ed Egitto
September 9th 2022 In arrivo a Genova un nuovo servizio container dal Far East
September 8th 2022 Container ship congestion in North Sea increases again: IfW Kiel
September 8th 2022 Global economy slides into contraction, price pressures ease to 1½ year low
September 8th 2022 MSC è il primo liner ad adottare il nuovo sistema di DNV contro la caduta dei container
September 8th 2022 Kalypso (Rif Line) in trattativa per l’acquisto della sua prima nave
September 7th 2022 Two-tier market emerging as ocean carriers win or lose on spot vs contracts
September 7th 2022 China-Europe rail rates falling, but port congestion is propping up demand
September 7th 2022 Il porto di Liverpool si ferma per due settimane
September 7th 2022 South Korea halts ship refuelling at key ports as typhoon Hinnamor hits
September 6th 2022 FBX Index: The pace of decline increases
September 6th 2022 Carriers profiteering from container chaos in flood-wracked Pakistan
September 6th 2022 Shandong Port Shipping enters international trades with Busan shuttle
September 6th 2022 Massive' typhoon disrupts ports and airports in Shanghai, Ningbo and Busan
September 5th 2022 Container Freight Spot Market Continues To Sit Below Contracted Rates
September 5th 2022 Spot rates comparison on major trade routes
September 5th 2022 MSC raises box rates from Antwerp
September 5th 2022 Chinese ports drilled into closed-loop mode amid new Covid outbreaks
September 5th 2022 End of capacity crunch sees spot freight rates continue to tumble
September 2nd 2022 Lockdowns proliferate across China
September 2nd 2022 Oil tanker blocked Suez Canal for more than five hours
September 2nd 2022 Three dead in container explosion in Italy
September 1st 2022 CONTAINER RATES ALERT: Long-term shipping rates stand strong, for now, in the face of softening global demand
September 1st 2022 Tornano i blank sailing fra Asia ed Europa: i global carrier toglieranno oltre l’8% di capacità
September 1st 2022 Solo due porti italiani nella ‘Top 100’ di Lloyd’s List
September 1st 2022 Hapag-Lloyd guadagna troppo, lo dice il principale socio

August 31st 2022 Carriers unveil blanking programmes to prop up rates as peak season sags
August 31st 2022 Long-term box rates begin to follow the trend set by the spot market
August 31st 2022 Energia nucleare, un potenziale per la propulsione marittima del futuro
August 31st 2022 La telematica sale sui container Hapag-Lloyd
August 31st 2022 CN analysis: Slowing exports send freight rates on major trades out of India further downwards
August 31st 2022 Schedule reliability on an upward trend, Evergreen climbs to second place
August 30th 2022 Covid lockdowns return to key Chinese port cities
August 30th 2022 Maersk esce completamente dal mercato russo cedendo la partecipazione in Global Ports Investments
August 30th 2022 Saade (Cma Cgm): “Nessun crollo ma un ‘atterraggio morbido’ per i noli container”
August 30th 2022 Rhine water levels stabilise above crisis levels, problems not over
August 30th 2022 Lidl's ship-shopping pays off as it completes maiden China-Europe voyage
August 30th 2022 Primo scalo in Adriatico per una portacontainer di Lidl
August 30th 2022 MOL Signed for Six Large LNG-fueled Vessels- Steadily Progressing towards ’90 LNG-fueled Vessels by 2030?

August 26th 2022 Prosegue il calo dei noli sul mercato container
August 26th 2022 Si allarga il divario di stiva tra piccoli e grandi carrier del trasporto container
August 26th 2022 La nuova shipping line di Lidl è arrivata in Sud e Nord Europa (saltando l’Italia)
August 24th 2022 Italia 14esima al mondo per connessioni globali di linee container
August 24th 2022 Containership 2050: When the box becomes the customer
August 24th 2022 Congestione (e non carenza di capacità) la causa del livello elevato dei noli container
August 24th 2022 Congestion and capacity shortage in Europe sees barge surcharges soar 150%

August 22nd 2022 Hapag-Lloyd announces Fleet Upgrade Program for over 150 ships within the next five years
August 22nd 2022 Rhine closes to barge traffic, with water depth set to hit record lows
August 22nd 2022 Average container prices and leasing rates decline in China amidst peak season shipping
August 22nd 2022 Container fleet growth up 11.6% from June 2019, catching up with transport demand
August 22nd 2022 Prosegue il calo dei noli Cina–Italia: quasi 200 $ in meno nell’ultima settimana
August 18th 2022 Fleet gaps between largest and smallest liner operators at all-time high
August 18th 2022 Nuovo forte calo del noli container dalla Cina all’Italia (-10%)
August 18th 2022 Nasce armatore per container da 53 piedi
August 18th 2022 Why container ships probably won’t get bigger
August 18th 2022 Shipping container fees are falling around the world, but not in the U.S.
August 18th 2022 Rhine closes to barge traffic, with water depth set to hit record lows
August 18th 2022 More blank sailings on the cards as ocean spot rates continue to tumble

July 13th 2022 China port congestion seen growing on back of local lockdowns and poor weather
July 13th 2022 Orderbook di navi: le portacontainer surclassano tanker e bulker
July 13th 2022 Tempo di rinegoziazione per i contratti di trasporto via mare di container?

July 8th 2022 Carriers holding spot rates steady, but how sustainable are contracts?
July 8th 2022 Box lines undercut forwarders' ocean rates in fear of soft market

July 7th 2022 Downward pressure on rates: demand or supply driven?
July 7th 2022 Per Msc un nuovo maxi-hub di transhipment in Vietnam da 15 milioni di Teu
July 7th 2022 The next step in Hapag-Lloyd and DAL integration
July 7th 2022 Cma Cgm taglia i noli marittimi per favorire gli importatori francesi

July 4th 2022 “Schedule reliability remains between 30% and 40%,” reports Sea-intelligence
July 4th 2022 Boxport congestion spreads across the globe again
July 4th 2022 Consegnata la prima portacontainer al mondo da oltre 24.000 Teu
July 4th 2022 Carriers return to aggressive voyage blanking to mitigate reduced demand
July 4th 2022 Xeneta Customer Say: Over 50% Anticipate a Decrease in Volume Given Current Economic Predictions
July 4th 2022 Kalypso avvia un nuovo collegamento intra-Med

July 1st 2022 Container ships still renting for $160,000 a day despite import fears
July 1st 2022 Xeneta: Long-term shipping rates shrug off uncertainty to rise again
July 1st 2022 Aumenta la stiva container disponibile globalmente a maggio (+5,2%)

June 30th 2022 Xeneta Shipping Index (XSI®) Contract Market: June 2022
June 30th 2022 Sorpresa container: noli spot sulle tratte est-ovest inferiori ai contratti di lungo termine
June 30th 2022 UWL, Swire Shipping announce new service from Seattle to Vietnam
June 30th 2022 Maersk launches new feeder service to reduce transit times from Asia to Northern Italy

June 29th 2022 Box tracking popularity soars – but the big debate is, who owns the data?
June 29th 2022 Lack of Competition in Container Shipping – A True Picture

June 28th 2022 Shanghai container handling nearing pre-lockdown levels
June 28th 2022 Trieste, ecco i nuovi treni di Cosco diretti in Slovenia e nell'Est Europa
June 28th 2022 Ora l’82,5% della capacità container è in mano alle tre alleanze
June 28th 2022 Smart container fleet to expand 8-fold over the next 5 years
June 28th 2022 ONE implements weight discrepancy surcharge in Asia-Europe trade

June 22nd 2022 Shipper accuses Yang Ming and HMM of collusion and profiteering

June 21st 2022 Hapag-Lloyd adds Le Havre port to WAX service rotation
June 20th 2022 Chinese dominate new entries into the top 50 liner rankings
June 20th 2022 Il porto di Shanghai è ‘guarito’ dalla congestione, secondo VesselsValue
June 20th 2022 Xeneta Customers Say: Lifting of Shanghai Lockdowns Will increase Freight Rates
June 20th 2022 Congestion at Shanghai remains normal, even as much of the city reimposes lockdown
June 20th 2022 Container: firmata da Joe Biden la legge per ‘frenare’ i global carrier

June 17th 2022 Biden signs the Ocean Shipping Reform Act into law
June 17th 2022 Global port congestion, high shipping rates to last into 2023: Industry execs

June 14th 2022 Alibaba compie un altro passo nel trasporto container

June 13th 2022 Torna a salire dopo cinque mesi il prezzo dei container
June 13th 2022 Maersk collegherà Vado Ligure e Port Said con un servizio shuttle
June 13th 2022 Sono italiani i primi due armatori al mondo per capacità nel settore ro-ro
June 13th 2022 Bankitalia: sale ancora l’incidenza dei trasporti su import (4,9%) ed export (3,1%)

June 10th 2022 Wait-and-see as Shanghai back into lockdown
June 10th 2022 President Biden disparages ocean carriers, calls price increases ‘outrageous’
June 10th 2022 The Alliance pronta a spostare 200mila Teu da La Spezia a Genova
June 10th 2022 COSCO SHIPPING SPE. joins blockchain-powered platform GSBN
June 10th 2022 Nuovo treno merci fra Melzo e la Cina
June 10th 2022 Alibaba prende il controllo delle spedizioni marittime con noleggi e acquisti di navi
June 10th 2022 Parts of Shanghai and Beijing go back under lockdown
June 10th 2022 I dati sono la nuova 'merce' per spingere lo shipping in una nuova era di ottimizzazione
June 10th 2022 Shippers fear higher freight costs due to carbon tax
June 10th 2022 Ritardi portacontainer causano danni fino a 10 miliardi di dollari

June 7th 2022 Container shipping situation worsens due to congestion, delays, and empty containers
June 7th 2022 Brent climbs over $120/bbl after Saudi Arabia raises crude prices
June 7th 2022 MSC launches new service on intra-Asia trade
June 7th 2022 Shanghai Port Congestion Update
June 7th 2022 Shanghai port congestion nearly back to normal levels

June 6th 2022 Maersk confirms closure of two Oceania services
June 6th 2022 Global port congestion shows signs of improvement, still far from normal

June 1st 2022 North European box ports at capacity even before peak season starts
June 1st 2022 Contract rates soaring above spot, with shippers being 'bled dry'
June 1st 2022 CMA CGM to connect Turkey, Spain, France and Algeria with new service
June 1st 2022 Changes in Hapag Lloyd’s Southeast India – Europe service
June 1st 2022 Xeneta: Shipping Costs Soar As Long-Term Rates Race 150% Up Year-On-Year
June 1st 2022 In estate peggiorerà il trasporto marittimo di container

May 27th 2022 Xeneta: container shipping fuel surcharges have risen 50% since start of year on average – much more on some trades
May 27th 2022 Sea-Intelligence: Will the peak season come sooner?
May 27th 2022 Blocked Ukrainian ports cause major congestion in the port of Constanta
May 27th 2022 What is driving ocean container freight pricing?
May 27th 2022 Covid slows China port volume growth, as Tianjin enters new lockdown
May 27th 2022 Per Ravenna e Venezia nuovo servizio container intra-Med di Msc

May 19th 2022 Xeneta: Long term rates for reefer containers from the US West Coast to the Far East are at their highest ever level
May 19th 2022 Container xChange survey: Peak season container shipping “chaos” on the way

May 18th 2022 Container shipping rates: Still sky high but falling back to Earth
May 18th 2022 Maersk avvia trasporto treno-mare dalla Cina

May 17th 2022 Shanghai port shows recovery signs after latest pandemic lockdown
May 17th 2022 Porti europei alle prese ancora con la carenza di container
May 17th 2022 Has the peak of container shipping’s epic boom already passed?
May 17th 2022 Busan to create a 'smart' container to ship lithium batteries safely

May 13th 2022 CMA CGM offers cash incentive for returning containers early
May 13th 2022 Blank sailings proliferate

May 10th 2022 Demand for container equipment is falling. Transitory or turning point?
May 10th 2022 Carriers ramp up blank sailings as China lockdowns persist

May 4th 2022 Maersk ceases all operations in Russia and Belarus
May 4th 2022 Container freight rates to remain elevated in medium term: C.H. Robinson
May 4th 2022 Navi portacontainer un pochino più puntuali nel mese di marzo (35,9%)

May 2nd 2022 Swire Shipping takes over US-based Westwood Shipping Lines
May 2nd 2022 Xeneta CEO, Berglund: “It’s a position of power the carriers have no desire of relinquishing”
May 2nd 2022 CMA CGM launches new service linking Asia with Indian Subcontinent

April 29th 2022 Port congestion in mainland China continued to remain high with extended lockdown measures
April 29th 2022 Xeneta Container Rates Alert: Demand, Disruption And Deft Carrier Strategies Fuel New Highs For Long-Term Ocean Freight Rates
April 29th 2022 Zim avvia una nuova linea container fra l’Egitto e i porti di Venezia e Ravenna
April 29th 2022 Noli container: la rotta nordeuropea è più economica di quella mediterranea
April 29th 2022 Qinhuangdao port enters lockdown as Beijing readies stimulus package

April 28th 2022 Container shipping: volume growth calms, tariffs remain strong
April 28th 2022 Yang Ming receives another 11,000 TEU vessel
April 28th 2022 Hapag-Lloyd to equip entire container fleet with real-time tracking devices

April 26th 2022 Supply chains remain in chaos as Shanghai lockdown is extended indefinitely
April 26th 2022 Carriers adopt 'hardcore' blank sailing strategy as export bookings plunge
April 26th 2022 Port congestion grows as China’s capital braces for Shanghai syndrome

April 21st 2022 Navi ferme al porto di Shanghai: rischio paralisi mondiale

April 20th 2022 Msc alza i noli per le spedizioni dai porti liguri agli Stati Uniti
April 20th 2022 Con il lockdown a Shanghai rischio di nuove criticità e risalita dei noli
April 20th 2022 1 in 5 container vessels globally is waiting outside a congested port -of which 27.7% in China
April 20th 2022 India resumes shipments to Russia

April 14th 2022 Lidl acquisisce quattro portacontainer
April 14th 2022 ZIM to push up rates in North Europe

April 13th 2022 Worst floods in half a century claim 60 lives and close Durban port
April 13th 2022 Primo acquisto di portacontainer per Lidl: Tailwind compra la Talassa (5.527 Teu)
April 13th 2022 Ningbo on “yellow alert” after new Covid-19 outbreak, Shanghai lockdown continues
April 13th 2022 Hapag-Lloyd starts new service linking Mediterranean and Latin America

April 12th 2022 MSC launches new service from China to Chittagong
April 12th 2022 ZIM announces changes in cross Atlantic services
April 12th 2022 Lines start to omit calls to Shanghai, the world’s largest container port
April 12th 2022 Nuovi corridoi ferroviari dall’Asia alternativi alla Russia

April 7th 2022 Shanghai port still working despite lockdown, but lines are eyeing diversions
April 7th 2022 Anche Lidl diventa armatore
April 7th 2022 I ritardi delle navi hanno ‘rubato’ l’11,7% di capacità container a febbraio
April 7th 2022 Xeneta: Spot Rates From Far East to the South American East Coast have had the biggest fall in spot rates since the start of 2022 – down 35.1%
April 7th 2022 2M Alliance adjusts schedules in Far East – Europe/Med network
April 7th 2022 La Marina sventa assalto di pirati a un cargo nel Golfo di Guinea

April 5th 2022 ONE works with Google Cloud to develop artificial intelligence solutions

April 4th 2022 Supply chains remain in chaos as Shanghai lockdown is extended indefinitely

March 31st 2022 Liner pricing investigation under way in Africa
March 31st 2022 Shanghai Port Group launches “land-to-water” container service

March 30th 2022 Shanghai in lockdown: in attesa degli effetti la coda di navi in porto è già alta

March 29th 2022 Sky-high box freight rates could increase global inflation by 1.5% this year: IMF
March 29th 2022 Shipping Routes Are Being Redrawn, While Payments Could Soon Be Done in Non-Dollar Currencies
March 29th 2022 Congestion fears as Shanghai enters two-phase lockdown

March 24th 2022 Russia’s war against Ukraine reshapes the geopolitical and economic outlook
March 24th 2022 COSCO continues trading with Russia unlike other major container lines

March 23d 2022 Logistics and Supply Chain Updates during the crisis in the Ukraine
March 23d 2022 Ukrainian port cities face the brunt of Putin’s invasion forces
March 23d 2022 Cosco ordina portacontainer elettriche per feeder

March 22nd 2022 Chinese port congestion worsens
March 22nd 2022 China is managing its Covid outbreak one new local crisis at a time

March 21st 2022 “La congestione nel trasporto via mare di container durerà almeno per tutto il 2022”
March 21st 2022 New Shenzhen lockdown will hit supply chains harder than Suez disruption
March 21st 2022 Russia blocks ships carrying grain exports

March 17th 2022 [Go to slides]("> Understanding Ocean Freight by Transporeon
March 17th 2022 L’invasione russa in Ucraina e i riflessi sulla logistica italiana
March 17th 2022 Xeneta: Container Freight Rates on the Far East to the Mediterranean have been flat since the start of this year
March 17th 2022 NYK Group Companies Participate in Trial to Simulate the Actual Operation of Fully Autonomous Ship
March 17th 2022 Logistics disruption and ship queues lengthen after new China lockdowns

March 15th 2022 Transatlantic services hit by Covid and conflict-induced congestion
March 15th 2022 MSC takes bunker surcharge action
March 15th 2022 La Cina verso nuove chiusure per Covid

March 14th 2022 “Eppur si muove!”: la (lenta) discesa dei noli container
March 14th 2022 Ukraine War Effect on Shipping Rates | Xeneta in the News
March 11th 2022 Bunker prices hit record high amid Russia’s invasion of Ukraine
March 11th 2022 Hapag-Lloyd to acquire container liner business of another Africa specialist
March 11th 2022 Xeneta: A narrower spread on China to Europe trade lane indicates amble deployed capacity

March 9th 2022 Cargoes pile up across Europe on day 14 of the Russian invasion of Ukraine
March 9th 2022 Lo spedizioniere può ritenere il carico per mancato pagamento
March 9th 2022 Schedule reliability drops to record-low in January 2022
March 9th 2022 Logistics and supply chain updates from the situation in Ukraine

March 8th 2022 Bunker prices enter four-digit territory for the first time
March 8th 2022 War in Ukraine will hurt growth in all shipping segments
March 8th 2022 CMA CGM reports US$56 billion revenue, achieving 78% increase

March 7th 2022 Nuova linea container con l’Egitto e mese da record per Trieste
March 7th 2022 Asian countries cut container trade with Russia amid Ukraine invasion
March 7th 2022 Suez Canal tolls to rise on 1 March

March 4th 2022 Sanctions start to wreak havoc on rates, dwell times and fuel prices
March 4th 2022 Shipping’s Russian Nightmare is Becoming a Reality
March 4th 2022 Noli container Cina – Italia in calo (-1%) ma sui trasporti Asia – Europa incombe l’ombra della guerra
March 4th 2022 NATO warns on the risk of mines in the Black Sea
March 4th 2022 Stop alle prenotazioni di spedizioni con la Russia anche per CMA CGM

March 1st 2022 Sanzioni Eu e Usa contro la Russia: ecco le misure per i trasporti
March 1st 2022 Missili ucraini contro due navi cargo russe
March 1st 2022 Attività commerciale sospesa in tutti i porti ucraini

February 25th 2022 Shipping navigates the fallout from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine
February 25th 2022 Guerra Ucraina – Russia: le conseguenze sui trasporti via mare e sui porti
February 25th 2022 Ukrainian ports halt operations after Russia’s invasion
February 25th 2022 Ukraine invasion will impact China-Europe rail freight and push up rates
February 25th 2022 Boxport congestion worsening rapidly
February 25th 2022 Shipping braces for impact as Russia-Ukraine crisis intensifies

February 23d 2022 Freight forwarders turn to SOCs to face global container shortage

February 22nd 2022 Maersk starts intermodal Far East – Europe service

February 22nd 2022 Putin’s invasion of Ukraine seen hiking tonne-mile picture for shipping

February 21st 2022 Why war in Ukraine could be catastrophic for container shipping
February 21st 2022 Empty container avalanche predicted to cause chaos later this year

February 18th 2022 Hapag-Lloyd’s new service to directly connect South China with Germany

February 15th 2022 Bunker prices near all-time highs
February 15th 2022 Salpata un’altra linea container diretta Cina – Italia che scalerà il porto di Genova
February 15th 2022 Hapag Lloyd sees freight pressure easing from Q2
February 15th 2022 MSC announces rate increases in Europe

February 14th 2022 Black Sea exports plummet as talk of war escalates
February 14th 2022 Drewry: World Container Index Remains 80% Higher Than a Year Ago
February 14th 2022 Marine fuel prices show moderate growth
February 14th 2022 Russia-Ukraine crisis: International shipping lanes under threat?

February 11th 2022 E’ nato in Italia driveMybox: la borsa carichi online per l’autotrasporto container

February 10th 2022 CMA CGM applies new surcharges from Europe to America
February 10th 2022 Maersk expects supply chain chaos to continue in 2022
February 10th 2022 MSC imposes rate increases from Italy to America
February 10th 2022 Maersk 'cash-and-dash' strategy rolls on as it targets 70% contract business

February 9th 2022 MABUX: Global bunker prices to continue firm downward trend on Feb.09
February 9th 2022 Giallo sulla Msc Adelaide: un morto e 444 chili di cocaina

February 8th 2022 Covid-19 emergency in Kaohsiung Port as harbour pilot infected
February 8th 2022 Global container carriers thrive despite signs of rate decline

February 7th 2022 Supply chain chaos and port gridlock could drag on into 2023
February 7th 2022 MSC increases prices to Middle East and Far East

February 3d 2022 È nata una terza linea container diretta fra Cina ed Europa
February 3d 2022 Nuovo record per i noli delle navi portacontainer
February 3d 2022 “Spedizionieri destinati a estinguersi se si occupano solo di negoziare i noli”
February 3d 2022 Spread between short- and long-term container shipping freight rates from North Europe to US East Coast narrow with both increasing around three-fold
February 1st 2022 What the Russia-Ukraine standoff means for global shipping
February 1st 2022 Xeneta Container Rates Alert: Early Dip In Long-Term Ocean Freight Rates Fails To Tarnish Exceptional Year For Carriers
February 1st 2022 Historic low in container ship schedule reliability
February 1st 2022 Long-term rate increases losing momentum as carriers seek to lock-in BCOs
January 31st 2022 Noli container Shanghai – Genova stabili ormai da due mesi
January 31st 2022 Container shipping crunch sees late delivery of Chinese New Year goods

January 28th 2022 Treno container tra Suzhou e Milano
January 28th 2022 Dopo Rif Line salpa un’altra linea container diretta tra Far East e Nord Adriatico
January 28th 2022 Fuel prices upward trend slows down

January 27th 2022 Capacity shortage on intra-Asia pushing up rates and manufacturing costs

January 26th 2022 How Russian invasion of Ukraine could impact ocean shipping

January 25th 2022 Liner shipping profits tipped to hit $200bn this year

January 24th 2022 Intra-Asian Spot Rates Contribute to Rising Manufacturing Costs in The Region
January 24th 2022 Forwarders in the firing line
January 24th 2022 Dalian the latest China port to be hit by Covid restrictions as delays persist

January 21st 2022 Yantian restricts container entry to ease overflow
January 21st 2022 Piccoli spedizionieri contro Maersk: “Usati come tappabuchi”
January 21st 2022 Noli marittimi: attesi altri rialzi per via del caro-carburante navale
January 21st 2022 CMA CGM sets Latin America and Caribbean surcharges
January 21st 2022 MABUX reports firm rise in fuel prices

January 20th 2022 Forwarders fear 'shut-out' as other major lines emulate Maersk strategy
January 20th 2022 Maersk vuole imporre lo spot per piccole spedizioni di container
January 20th 2022 Sperimentata con successo in Giappone la prima nave a guida autonoma
January 20th 2022 Maersk space ban means 'a dark future', maybe the end, for small forwarders
January 20th 2022 Cma Cgm introduce noli più alti sulle rotte verso il Sud America (anche dall’Italia)

January 18th 2022 Una portacontainer viaggerà con le vele di Michelin
January 18th 2022 Shipping container rates from China to US on rise again
January 18th 2022 Dalian the latest China port to be hit by Covid restrictions as delays persist

January 17th 2022 [Go to slides]("> DHL Ocean freight market outlook 2022-2024
January 17th 2022 [Go to journal]("> MF shipping & Logistica La logistica resta in bilico
January 17th 2022 Xeneta Weekly Rate Update: Week 02, 2022
January 17th 2022 Suez Canal expansion to be completed by July next year
January 17th 2022 Omicron cases detected in Shenzhen and Beijing
January 17th 2022 Container prices rise 10-15% in India as Omicron hits operations at major global ports

January 14th 2022 Tianjin forced into greater lockdown as Covid-19 cases spread to Shanghai and Dalian

January 14th 2022 Xeneta: Front- and Backhaul Spot Rates Continue To Diverge

January 13th 2022 Container: nel 2021 i porti italiani sono arrivati a quota 11 milioni di Teu
January 13th 2022 Maersk provides a snapshot of growing port congestion around the world

January 12th 2022 Ikea alza del 9% il prezzo dei prodotti per fare fronte gli extra-costi logistici
January 12th 2022 Crisi container: il caffè torna a viaggiare in sacchi su navi general cargo
January 12th 2022 As Ningbo slowly recovers, Covid ripples reach ports of Tianjin and Shenzhen

January 11th 2022 [Go to letter]("> Maersk Custom advisory letter about operational constraints
January 10th 2022 Stick or twist' – do shippers play the spot market or go for fixed-rate contracts?
January 10th 2022 Port of Ningbo open, but logistics services stutter as Covid restrictions bite
January 10th 2022 Container shipping’s 2022 outlook: The bulls, bears and wild cards
January 10th 2022 Omicron outbreak sees Tianjin enter partial lockdown
January 7th 2022 New index highlights the extraordinary pressure global supply chains have been under during the pandemic
January 7th 2022 Shenzhen on alert as more Covid-19 cases crop up
January 7th 2022 MSC officially dethrones Maersk from the top of the container rankings
January 7th 2022 Dal 10 gennaio nuove regole (e tariffe) a Psa Genova Pra’ per risolvere la congestione di container
January 7th 2022 A lot of boxes: 24,004 teu Ever Alot breaks records


December 30th 2021 Un milione di teu in treno tra Cina ed Europa nel 2021
December 30th 2021 China ports container volume rises 7.6% from January to November 2021?Ningbo Containerized Freight Index rise slightly in December

December 30th 2021 Maersk foresees severe space shortage ahead of Chinese New Year

December 29th 2021 Rif Line investe 50 mln $ per fare crescere i servizi marittimi espressi di Kalypso

December 28th 2021 Raddoppiato in un anno il nolo container tra Cina e Italia
December 28th 2021 Cancellati 383 scali di portacontainer dall’Asia in cinque mesi

December 27th 2021 Is it time for investors to exit the container shipping space?
December 27th 2021 Rif Line ha dato vita alla neonata Kalypso Compagnia di Navigazione Srl
December 27th 2021 Top 10: The busiest container ports in Asia
December 27th 2021 MSC increases rates from India and Pakistan to Antwerp and Valencia


December 22nd 2021 Prosegue la ‘rivoluzione’ fra Maersk e gli spedizionieri anche in Italia
December 22nd 2021 Rincari in arrivo per le spedizioni dall’Italia verso Australia e Nuova Zelanda
December 22nd 2021 Regional carriers are benefiting from the shrunk ocean carriers’ activity in the Mediterranean and Black Sea

December 20th 2021 Pakistan looks to enter container shipping market with its own fleet
December 20th 2021 Liners hammer home their advantage, seeking hugely inflated long-term contacts

December 17th 2021 Container Shipping: Xeneta data indicates that most of the 2022 contracts will be at record-high levels

December 16th 2021 Profitti record nel trasporto marittimo dei container
December 16th 2021 Il porto cinese di Ningbo torna a rischio Covid-19
December 16th 2021 Shipping Containers prices decline further in December, container availability scenario distressing
December 16th 2021 Factories shut and Ningbo restricts truckers in Zhejiang province lockdowns

December 15th 2021 Pirati sequestrano l’equipaggio di una portacontainer nel Golfo di Guinea
December 15th 2021 Shipping rates flying high, again, on surging demand in Southeast Asia

December 14th 2021 Early 2022-23 contract discussions see container rates surge, terms evolve
December 14th 2021 New disruptions to supply chains in 2022 and how international shippers can respond

December 13th 2021 [Go to Journal]("> Mf Shipping & Logistica del 10 DICEMBRE 2021

December 13th 2021 Box spot rates climb to new highs
December 13th 2021 Forwarders 'fear the worst' and 'don't have a clue' on shipping rates next year
December 13th 2021 Maersk presenta le sue future navi a metanolo
December 13th 2021 FBX Index: 2022: Dominated by “known unknowns”

December 10th 2021 Forwarders 'fear the worst' and 'don't have a clue' on shipping rates next year
December 10th 2021 I noli container Shanghai – Genova risalgono verso i 13mila dollari

December 9th 2021 FBX Index November: Market Summary
December 9th 2021 Port congestion prompts carriers to drop a quarter of all North European calls from Asia – Europe deepsea loops
December 9th 2021 Another lockdown at Ningbo has exporters on edge
December 9th 2021 Perché è “impossibile prevedere l’andamento del trasporto via mare di container nel 2022”

December 7th 2021 Hapag Lloyd chiude le prenotazioni fino a gennaio per molte spedizioni da e per l’Italia
December 7th 2021 Hapag-Lloyd’s vessel interrupted voyage after Covid-19 outbreak
December 7th 2021 Top 10: The largest container ships in the world

December 6th 2021 New law in China coincides with massive cut in vessel location data
December 6th 2021 Xeneta Shipping Index (XSI®) Contract Market: November 2021
December 6th 2021 What does demurrage cover?
December 6th 2021 MSC needs a single New Panamax vessel purchase to dethrone Maersk

December 3d 2021 Maersk hands the baton to MSC at top of the liner rankings

December 1st 2021 Slight improvement for schedule reliability in October, Maersk remains on top
December 1st 2021 Container lines report record profitability in the third quarter

December 1st 2021 Container Rates Alert: “Astronomical” Monthly Hike Pushes Long-Term Ocean Freight Rates Up 121% Year-On-Year

November 29th 2021 China is imposing quarantines of up to 7 weeks for cargo ship crew, and it’s bad news for the supply chain

November 29th 2021 Higher box prices forecast shadow over global economy’s recovery

November 26th 2021 Sciopero nazionale dei porti il 17 dicembre

November 25th 2021 Rif Line annuncia una nuova linea container fra Bangladesh e Ravenna
November 25th 2021 CMA CGM reschedules services to avoid congestion

November 24th 2021 Perché affidabilità non può fare rima con noli elevati nel trasporto container
November 24th 2021 In viaggio la prima portacontainer elettrica e autonoma

November 24th 2021 Nel Q3 i profitti dei liner superano quelli delle ‘Big Tech’

November 23d 2021 ZIM to Launch ZMI, a New Upgraded Service Connecting the Indian Subcontinent and the East Mediterranean

November 22nd 2021 Biden, Xi e l’ingorgo nel porto di L.A. Il mondo passa dalla California

November 19th 2021 I noli marittimi mettono a rischio la ripresa
November 19th 2021 Tarros aggiunge Genova (Imt Terminal) alla sua linea container con la Libia
November 19th 2021 Stabili i noli container fra Shanghai e Genova
November 19th 2021 Container alliances’ market domination alarms White House
November 19th 2021 Container: il ritorno alla ‘normalità’ dei noli marittimi non prima di 18 mesi

November 17th 2021 La linea container di Rif Line scalerà anche Salerno oltre a Civitavecchia

November 16th 2021 Covid congestion sees dramatic spike in shipping emissions at major gateways

November 15th 2021 Rotterdam sperimenta navi e aerei autonomi

November 15th 2021 Ikea spiega come e perché ha noleggiato navi (e acquistato container)

November 12th 2021 Si arresta la discesa dei noli container (non quelli fra Shanghai e Genova)
November 12th 2021 A record 111 container ships are floating off California’s busiest ports, despite Biden’s 24/7 schedule and looming fines

November 11th 2021 Due giorni di sciopero al porto di Livorno a novembre
November 11th 2021 Noli container via mare Asia – Italia ancora in calo (-2%) nell’ultima settimana
November 11th 2021 Drewry’s World Container Index remains steady

November 10th 2021 Fino a quando durerà la crisi delle supply chain globali
November 10th 2021 Rif Line pronta a noleggiare portacontainer oceaniche per la sua linea Asia – Italia
November 10th 2021 Nonostante i noli in calo è ancora crisi per le supply chain globali

November 9th 2021 [Go to report]("> Evergreen fa incetta di navi e container
November 9th 2021 [Go to report]("> Nearly 60,000 shipping containers are on a penalty clock for a $100-per-day fine at backlogged Southern California ports

November 8th 2021 [Go to report]("> MARKET NEWS BY XENETA-WEEK OF SEPTEMBER 27, 2021
November 5th 2021 Suez Canal transit tolls to rise 6%
November 5th 2021 I noli container fra Shanghai e Genova scendono del 3%
November 5th 2021 Un’altra nave (più grande) a noleggio per Rif Line, su cui si allunga l’ombra di Aponte
November 5th 2021 Altra settimana in discesa per i noli container Asia-Italia

November 4th 2021 I noli container Shanghai – Genova tornano sotto i 13mila dollari
November 4th 2021 FBX Index October: Market Summary

November 3d 2021 [Go to article] Almost all trades impacted by bottlenecks, reports Sea-Intelligence
November 3d 2021 Exceptional market’ conditions in shipping to persist until Q1 2022, says Maersk

November 2nd 2021 Frenano i noli container, ma resteranno alti
November 2nd 2021 MSC announces new surcharges from Europe to America
November 2nd 2021 Xeneta: Strong Demand And Supply Chain Strain Continue To Drive Long-Term Ocean Freight Rates

October 29th 2021 ONE reports 891% increase in profit
October 29th 2021 La classifica dei vettori container più e meno puntuali a settembre
October 29th 2021 Altra settimana in calo (-3%) per i noli container Shanghai – Genova

October 28th 2021 Rif Line aggiunge una nave e una linea container fra Asia e Italia

October 28th 2021 Caro noli container e imprese: le contromisure necessarie secondo Electrolux e Benetton

October 28th 2021 MSC to impose rate increases from Italy to America

October 28th 2021 Container shipping crisis bites Japan’s chicken and wine lovers
October 27th 2021 La Cina blocca il trasporto ferroviario verso l’Europa (per una settimana n.d.r.)
October 27th 2021 Msc annuncia rincari fino a Natale per le spedizioni fra Italia e Nord America
October 27th 2021 Amazon Bulks Up Shipping Capacity To Battle Holiday Season Snarls
October 26th 2021 Container shipping rates entering extended period of volatility: CEO

October 25th 2021 China-Europe rail freight boom brings congestion at the borders
October 25th 2021 2M Alliance reschedules European services due to congestion issues
October 22nd 2021 [Go to Journal]("> MF Shipping & Logistic Targhet zero emissioni
October 22nd 2021 Spot rates ease, but 'no reason' to expect quick return to pre-pandemic levels
October 22nd 2021 Container Shipping Outlook 2022-2030: Looking Beyond the Current Supply Chain Debacle

October 21th 2021 2M Alliance reschedules European services due to congestion issues

October 21th 2021 North Europe ports congestion by MAERSK LINE

October 21th 2021 Cresce l’ingorgo di portacontainer nella costa occidentale degli Usa

October 20th 2021 Amazon, Ikea and Unilever pledge zero emission shipping by 2040

October 20th 2021 News / Maersk looks set to cut out freight forwarders to attract larger BCOs

October 20th 2021 Nexxiot introduces new container monitoring device
October 18th 2021 Massive surge in insurance costs: The next big worry for box lines
October 18th 2021 Global shipping situation to get worse before getting better: DHL ecommerce VP
October 18th 2021 Container lines set to make record profits worth US$150 billion in 2021
October 15th 2021 Un’intera nave carica di container Amazon scaricata nel porto di Houston (FOTO)
October 12th 2021 OECD tracks how much container shipping’s sky-high freight rates are contributing to global inflation

October 12th 2021 Are container freight rates just circling or preparing to land?

October 12th 2021 Atteso a dicembre 2022 il soprasso di Msc ai danni di Maersk al vertice mondiale dei container

October 11th 2021 DP World’s SeaRates marks profit soar of 1,759%

October 11th 2021 Container Alert: Ocean Shipping Premium Surcharges Update

October 11th 2021 Freight rates elevated more than 90% in one year

October 11th 2021 12.5% of the global capacity now unavailable, possible decongestion in late 2022

October 8th 2021 Le congestioni portuali tengono bloccato il 12,5% della capacità della flotta globale
October 8th 2021 Calo generale dei noli container, ma non sulla rotta Shanghai – Genova
October 6th 2021 Capes back in $100,000 a day territory
October 5th 2021 Freight rates elevated more than 90% in one year
October 5th 2021 India follows China in reporting extreme coal shortages
October 5th 2021 Coca Cola bypassa la scarsa capacità di stiva container caricando su tre navi bulk carrier
October 5th 2021 Chinese power cuts may disturb US$120 billion of trade flows
October 5th 2021 CMA CGM’s new service to link Greece, Egypt and Turkey
October 4th 2021 Three and a half Hanjins: today’s global liner congestion in context
October 4th 2021 It’s the real thing: Coke sources handy bulkers as container choices run dry
October 4th 2021 Anche Costco noleggia tre navi portacontainer per importare beni dall’Asia

October 1st 2021 How China’s power crunch is affecting every strand of shipping
October 1st 2021 Container markets hit a plateau

September 30th 2021 Fuel prices continue upward evolution
September 29th 2021 [Go to Report]("> Market News by Xeneta
September 29th 2021 NEW
September 29th 2021 NEW

September 28th 2021 Maersk warns of risks of missing Christmas rush

September 27th 2021 Yang Ming and Evergreen join Taiwan’s first finance blockchain group

September 27th 2021 Navi portarinfuse: il Baltic Dry Index mai così alto da 12 anni

September 24th 2021 I noli container rallentano la loro corsa, ma non sul trade Cina-Italia

September 23d 2021 Con la pandemia la sosta delle portacontainer nei porti è aumentata dell’11%

September 22nd 2021 Plateau nears for soaring boxship charter rates
September 21th 2021 Hacker annunciano cyberattacco a Cma Cgm
September 17th 2021 CMA CGM official partner of new James Bond film

September 17th 2021 Google steps into global supply chain to assist in disruptions

September 17th 2021 MSC fissa l’obiettivo: emissioni azzerate entro il 2050
September 16th 2021 Vessels now waiting up to three weeks for Californian berth space, boxship queue surpasses 60

September 15th 2021 Hapag-Lloyd confirms rates increase cessation
September 15th 2021 2M Alliance implements blank sailings in Asia – North Europe services

September 15th 2021 CMA CGM’s last rate increases before cessation announcement

September 13th 2021 Non convince lo stop di Cma Cgm ai rincari sui noli container

September 13th 2021 CMA CGM raises prices in Europe, Med and Africa
September 13th 2021 In rotta verso il porto di Civitavecchia entrambe le portacontainer noleggiate da Rif Line
September 13th 2021 Liners react to CMA CGM’s preemptive spot move

September 13th 2021 Cma Cgm congela i noli container sino a febbraio

September 10th 2021 Riprende la risalita dei noli container Shanghai – Genova: ora a 13.543 dollari

September 10th 2021 Number of ships waiting for berth space outside LA and Long Beach set to top 50

September 10th 2021 CMA CGM startles rivals by vowing to stop spot rate increases for coming five months

September 9th 2021 È record anche per i noli delle car carrier

September 9th 2021 Evergreen splashes up to $1.1bn on 24 feeder boxships at Huangpu Wenchong

September 8th 2021 Two more companies enter the Asia – Europe tradelane

September 8th 2021 Boxship charter rates hit unprecedented $200,000 a day

September 6th 2021 Caccia ai container, Hapag-Lloyd ordina altri 75mila TEUs

September 6th 2021 Boxship charter rates now stand 128% above previous 2005 peak

September 4th 2021 Noli container alle stelle, anche Ikea diventa armatore

September 3rd 2021 [Go to Journal]("> Mf shipping e logistica settimanale

September 3rd 2021 NEW
September 3rd 2021 NEW

September 1st 2021 Star Bulk’s ‘historic first’ shipment of 1,400 containers on a capesize

August 31st 2021 Insurer gives warning as desperate shippers seek bulk carriers to move containersa

August 31st 2021 Lo spedizioniere italiano che sfida i colossi armatoriali con una nuova linea container Cina – Italia
August 31st 2021 Per la prima volta anche una bulk carrier capesize impiegata per trasportare container in coperta

August 27th 2021 Noli container Shanghai – Genova ora in viaggio verso i 13.500 dollari
August 27th 2021 [Go to file]("> The pandemic shipping report

August 26th 2021 Il Covid ora minaccia le spedizioni via mare con il Vietnam

August 26th 2021 Anche i noli container per Genova superano i 13mila dollari

August 25th 2021 project44: Ningbo disruption not as bad as Yantian

August 25th 2021 Ningbo-Zhoushan terminal reopens

August 20th 2021 Clock ticking for Christmas imports as West Coast congestion mounts

August 19th 2021 Shipping disruptions contained as Ningbo port nears reopening

August 16th 2021 Ningbo-Zhoushan terminal closed for sixth consecutive day

August 12th 2021 Shanghai launches empty container transport station

August 12th 2021 The world’s largest port, Ningbo, starts to turn ships away as a worker tests positive for Covid-19

August 12th 2021 La nuova portacontainer più grande del mondo é entrata in servizio

August 11th 2021 Very interesting Xeneta webinar on current freight market happenings

August 10th 2021 I prezzi dei containers sono raddoppiati in un anno

August 9th 2021 I porti di Shanghai e Ningbo stanno vivendo la maggior congestione di sempre

August 6th 2021 La Federal Maritime Commission statunitense chiede conto ai global carrier dei rincari sui noli container

August 3rd 2021 Maersk reveals record quarterly performance, predicts Q3 will be stronger

August 2nd 2021 Xeneta Weekly Rate Update: Week 30 '21

July 30th 2021 Are you shipping me?!? $32,000 container move from China to LA

July 29th 2021 Ever Given docks in Rotterdam

July 28th 2021 Il traffico sui treni container dalla Cina cresce del 42%

July 27th 2021 [Go to Journal]("> MF Shipping & Logistica

July 22th 2021 Compravendite navali nei container: nel primo semestre 2021 crescite record di ordini e vendite

July 22th 2021 Container a rischio a Genova in agosto

July 19th 2021 Riparte la portacontainer Zephyr Lumos dopo incidente nella Malacca

July 19th 2021 Xeneta Live Webinar July'21 | State of the Ocean Freight Market
July 19th 2021 Weekly Rate Update: Week 28 '21
July 16th 2021 [Go to Jurnal]("> MF Shipping & Logistica

July 16th 2021 Incidente in Malesia per la Zephyr Lumos, attesa a Genova e La Spezia

July 12th 2021 Noli container tra Asia ed Europa verso i 13mila dollari

July 9th 2021 Port of Yantian productivity rapidly improves but export delays persist

July 8th 2021 Utili da sogno per i liner globali nel 2021: la stima di Drewry è 100 miliardi di $

July 2nd 2021 Boom di acquisti second hand di portacontainer nel primo semestre 2021

June 28th 2021 Nolo marittimo dei container dall’Asia all’Europa sfiora i 12 mila dollari

June 23th 2021 Hapag Lloyd ed Evergreen firmano ordini per altre 6 portacontainer da oltre 23.000 Teu

June 21th 2021 Cambiano le rotte del project cargo per il ‘caro noli’ e la scarsa capacità di stiva: i consigli per sopravvivere

June 17th 2021 Container: il porto di Yantian verso la normalità, noli sopra 11.000 $ e blank sailing in arrivo

June 17th 2021 Container: Ebit oltre i 16 miliardi $ per le prime undici compagnie al mondo nei primi mesi del 2021

June 14th 2021 Asia-Europe spot rates head for $20,000 per feu as new China Covid crisis bites
June 14th 2021 Container: si aggrava la congestione nei porti del sud-est della Cina con 50 navi alla fonda

June 11th 2021 Cina, container bloccati a Yantian: crisi più grave di quella di Suez

June 7th 2021 Dai mobili agli elettrodomestici: le merci più penalizzate dall’elevato prezzo dei noli container via mares